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Recruitment Flyer

Are you not reaching your potential despite hours of training? Perhaps this study would be of interest to you…. 

We are conducting an exploratory research study of a novel device as a possible treatment for muscle weakness or a muscle impairment. This developmental device is comprised of a quartz window paired with a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device. The quartz is a specially-treated substance that is believed to modify electromagnetic fields during the treatment. This non- invasive, drug-free treatment involves pulsing certain muscles with the output of the device. Our preliminary research shows very little risk to you with little or no side effects or discomfort. 

We are seeking healthy, athletic, volunteers to take part in the exploratory study: ages 18–65; and residing in the Denver/Boulder metropolitan area or the Colorado Front Range. 

The primary outcome of the study is the change in muscle strength as determined by a force gauge transducer. The average time commitment for study participants is expected to be 3-5 hours over a 5 week period. In the event that the treatment works, the potential benefit to you is that you may have increased effective strength and improved muscle function. 

For information on participating, please contact, Dr. David Sherwood, or Kim Gangwish,

recruitment flyer (pdf)