Genovus Biotechnology, treating pain, major illness and muscle dysfunction


Genovus Biotechnologies is pioneering the development of biophysical technology-based treatments that will initially focus on orthopedic concerns and neuromuscular injuries. Our line of inquiry will eventually expand to document benefits in the treatment of a broader range of medical conditions. 

In early testing, our proprietary EMCS has already demonstrated significant promise. It may reduce the time needed to treat pain and increase muscle function. We believe it interacts on the Central Nervous System level, and that could have a positive affect on muscle groups along a kinetic chain. We believe in clinical trials EMCS could demonstrate superior efficacy in the areas of increased muscle function and reduced pain levels when compared to both the neuromuscular electrical stimulus (NMES) devices and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices. We feel this device provides what will become the preferred treatment in PT, delivering significant quality of life improvements through non-invasive, drug-free technology.  

Pain Theory

In orthopedics, when one of the primary muscle movers surrounding a joint is weak or inhibited, the muscles that normally serve a secondary roll in joint function are called on to assume a greater role. However, the angle of force utilized becomes non-optimal, resulting in joint discomfort or pain. 

The EMCS device is designed to help re-balance the relationship between muscle groups. When the balance between the prime movers, the assistors, and the antagonist muscles is restored, optimal motor function is achieved along with a reduction in pain.

Genovus’ patent pending EMCS also appears to exert an indirect effect on pain by influencing nociceptors, the free nerve endings that initiate pain messages to the brain. These nociceptor signals can initially be modified at the level of the spinal cord, where we believe the EMCS can have a significant effect. 

Our platform technology could also have broad applications beyond the field of orthopedic injury and impairment. However, we begin our inquiries focused on structural issues to demonstrate the concept and rapidly bring the EMCS to market.  


Prototype development

Genovus and consultant David Sherwood, PhD, have conducted and completed initial prototype research. Data from clinical research have proved promising, and the company is ready to build the EMCS product using a quality management system powered by