Genovus Biotechnology, treating pain, major illness and muscle dysfunction


Genovus will be first to market with an Electromagnetic Catalyst System (EMCS) that will disrupt the current therapeutic approaches to pain and illness. Our revolutionary EMCS will have applications for a number of health conditions over time. We seek to shift current medical approaches and have begun our investigations with an initial focus on pain and muscle dysfunction.

What Is EMCS?

This prototype research device emits a unique signal obtained from a bioactive substrate. We believe this signal is similar to a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrum. Our device delivers its unique therapeutic signal via a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF).The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already approved PEMFs as a Class 2 medical device. FDA-approved usage already includes treatments for osteogenesis (bone regrowth), migraines, and recalcitrant depression. 


A patient treated with current physical therapy protocols may need treatments over a prolonged span to see muscle function results. Our initial EMCS results seem to have an effect during each treatment session, and the results are typically immediately apparent to the patient. Such demonstrable results could significantly reduce high PT patient dropout rates.

It should also reduce work-related injuries therapists themselves suffer after years in the field. One American Physical Therapy Association studyreported that 62% of PTs and 56% of PT assistants surveyed reported job-related injuries to the lower back with hand/wrist injuries being the second most common challenge.

Combining EMCS usage with a targeted physical therapy protocol allowsthe practitioner to reduce the number of required treatments to improve physical function.  Alternative PT protocols currently in use can cause considerable pain and discomfort. Our EMCS uses no electrical stimulation, causes no known side effects and early tests seem to quickly increase muscle function and reduce pain.  



Recent studies have shown that electromagnetic signals can produce physiological responses similar to those from bioactive agents. Non-specific pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) provide some beneficial therapeutic effects, but with limited efficacy for many disorders. The Genovus system uses particular bioactive agents to catalyze PEMF treatments and provide specific and highly effective therapy.

This product is in research and development and is not yet available for sale.